Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Industry Secret No One Wants To Discuss

Studies show that a majority of consumers don't understand how travel agents are compensated, and many travelers who generally book directly with a supplier online believe they are getting the best price.

We want every client to understand how our compensation works. We want you to understand that a "direct booking" made with a tour company, a safari operator, a river cruise company, a cruise line or any other travel supplier includes a surcharge in the vendor's published pricing, a fee that is included to cover the travel agent's commission. Thus, consumers are paying for the travel agent services if they book directly with the supplier or with an online travel agency such as Expedia, and the cost is the same whether or not a consumer uses a travel agent's services.  Our price will NEVER be more than booking directly with a supplier.

Customers who book directly with a supplier get few, if any, of the services that we as travel professionals would provide. Online bookers have no clout; they are working with a commissioned "headset" who is likely to be based somewhere outside the US. They are relying on that person, who is unlikely to have ever experienced the product, to be their advocate, to offer advice and to have their back if something goes wrong.

Can the "headset" tell the consumer why the product might not be the best option, assist with pre- or post-trip arrangements, counsel the traveler on the crucial issue of insurance options?

No. The "headset" merely takes the built-in commission and pockets it for the company and insulting the consumer's intelligence by pretending they are on the customer's side.

When travelers understand that our professional services and counseling come at the same or better cost, the game changes. When consumers understand that they can work with respected travel consultants and get the best value, the game really changes.

Happy Cruising!

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